Weekend Social Group

Skipper Care Australia’s weekend social group is designed to assist the participants to develop social friendships outside of their family. The group will operate each weekend and usually goes for around 4 hours; however, this may increase to accommodate activities or trips further away.

The times and days are not set in stone, although in most instances it will be on a Saturday. This allows us to ensure that the group gets to do different, exciting and enjoyable activities each week and doesn’t get locked into the same old activity week after week. Activities like going to the movies, the football, festivals, concerts and bowling are just a few of the things we do, as well as going away from trips to the coast, Wee Jasper and other day trips to experience new things.

We appreciate that activities can end up costing a fair amount, so when we organise activities, we keep this in mind and try to keep the costs as low as we can.

Contact Skipper Care Australia or more information on 02 6103 0338 or via email at support@skippercare.com.au